Group L.E.A.N. Transformation

  • L.E.A.N. living is a holistic approach to wellness through four pillars: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition.
  • Services include: Group coaching for corporate teams, community organizations, and others on topics that include how bodies can produce their own medicine, making health a hobby, and living without pain and inflammation.

One-on-One L.E.A.N. Transformation

  • Services include: Personalized Health & Wellness Coaching, Pantry Makeovers, Time Management, Designing a Workout Plan, Smart Shopping Trips, Positivity Playlist Curation, and Laugh Library Curation.

Grief Wellness

Grief Wellness Coaching is adaptable to unique needs. After an initial complementary consultation to get to know one another and determine whether a collaboration is a good fit, we concentrate on a 4 step framework.

  • Awareness Workshop: Tools to Name and Understand Grief
  • Contemplation Workshop: Understanding How Grief Impacts Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Wellness Goals Workshop: Designing Healthy Living Practices
  • How to Create Sustainable Wellness: A Wellness Workshop

Haiku Team-Building

Haiku originated in classical Japan as a concise form of poetry that articulated appreciation for the present moment and a deep connection to nature. It was adopted by the English-speaking world in the 20th Century and transformed into a platform used by environmental, civil rights, and women’s rights activists. In this interactive workshop, we will explore the roots of haiku with great reverence, the lines between appreciation and appropriation, and empower ourselves by writing haiku about the social issues that matter most to us as individuals. Moreover, we will extinguish the intimidation that often comes from writing poetry with a loving community in which no experience is necessary. Our goal is to foster unique collaborations, develop camaraderie, and learn new appreciation for your colleagues.

Museum Mindfulness

We visit a museum, either in-person in the New York area or virtually, using the collection as a springboard for uncovering personal inspiration, dialogue about finding your why, and goal-setting to develop the changes you want to see in your life.

Yoga & Meditation

My goal is to remove intimidation from yoga and meditation, helping clients develop customized practices that fit into their everyday lives. Whether at home or at the office, we utilize accessible breath work, gentle stretching, and guided meditations for clarity and increased performance.