2021: From Intentions to Actions

Here we are at the end of another track. This train line, the 2020 Express from Hell, will end tonight but leave its collateral damage for us to reckon with in 2021. Years are useful numeric markers to quantify the passage of time. However, the new beginnings towards which they guide us are only psychological breaks with the past.

As I begin this Working Definitions Yoga journey, I invite you to go with me. Together we can move past good intentions and find a path of actionable steps for a better collective future. In the coming year, I will be posting content relating to yoga culture and asana practice, as well as discussing object-driven meditation. The latter is informed by my work in museum curation and holds dear the belief that, if we reorient the way we approach objects and materiality, we can change the way we relate to the time and space around us. At Working Definitions Yoga, we’ll always be in the process of self-study and the cultivation of compassion.

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